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Niki Cuthbert is an independent mortgage broker and co-owner of Ask About Mortgages- Mortgage Architects, located in beautiful British Columbia. She will take the time to discuss your specific situation, needs and goals to find the lowest mortgage rates and product best suited to you. When you work with Niki, she will explain the process and give you all your options to allow you to make a more educated decision before jumping right into the first home mortgage loan your bank offers you.


What most homebuyers do when applying for a home mortgage loan is they visit their local bank, however the lowest mortgage rates are usually not found at your bank.

When shopping for a home mortgage loan on your own, each time a lender looks at your credit, your beacon (credit) score will slightly drop. One big benefit to using Niki Cuthbert is that she can do all the mortgage rates shopping for you with only a single credit check, therefore, your credit score remains intact.

When you walk into a bank to apply for your mortgage, you are at the banks mercy. The person you are speaking to works directly for that bank. Niki works for you, not the lender, and therefore she is looking out for your best interests. Getting the right advice is crucial, and with years of experience funding mortgages, she can provide you with the right information that could end up saving you thousands of dollars. There are no additional fees for qualified borrowers, as she receives a “finder’s fee” from the mortgage lender. In most cases, she is able to get you better than bank mortgage rates and the process is more enjoyable.

With Niki’s years of experience placing mortgages, she knows how the system works and can negotiate your mortgage for you, getting you the best possible deal. As she deals with over 40 different mortgage lenders, you can sit back, relax and let her do the mortgage rate shopping for you! It is important to Niki that she ensures you have the best home financing experience possible, as she wants to earn your home financing business for life.

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